HR Metrics, Measurement and HR Benchmarks

The modern HR Organization is based on HR Processes, their measurement and management of HR Process improvement. The HR Benchmarks and HR Measures are the essential part of modern Human Resources. The HR Benchmarks set the industry standards in the performance of HR Processes and HR Measures set the way, the HR Processes are measured.

Why to introduce HR Measures and HR Benchmarks?

The modern HR Management is about the numbers and efficiency, which has to be clearly proved to the top management, that HR Processes are working right and the improvements is done correctly. The HR Benchmarks (see Benchmarking) show the best practice available on the market and they inform the top management, what is the realistic expectation.

The modern organizations use the HR Strategy as the basis for the vision of Human Resources and HR Benchmarks and HR Measures are the extremely important component in setting and following up the implementation of the HR Strategy.

The HR Benchmarks and HR Measures support the HR Team in the change effort to build the modern HR organization in the company as the HR Management Team can present the visible best practice on the market and differences found in own HR organization.

On the other hand, using the HR Benchmark can be dangerous in some situation as when the HR team does not select the right set of HR Benchmark, it can quickly build the average HR organization, which has no extra value added to the organization.

What benefits bring HR Measurement and HR Benchmarks?

The HR Benchmarks and HR Measures bring huge pressure on the standardization of HR Processes, their detailed description and following the process maps. The HR employees were always excellent in maneuvering based on the current needs and the workload, but the HR Benchmarks push the employees to follow the standardized HR Processes.

The HR Benchmarks help to identify the gaps in the current set-up of Human Resources departments. The HR Management Team should always focus on the whole set of HR Benchmarks to identify the strengths and weaknesses of Human Resources in the comparison with the external market.

The HR Benchmarks can set the new corporate culture of Human Resources as the employees do not discuss about other employees, but they discuss the numbers and they can come to conclusion quicker. The HR Benchmarks are easy-to-understand concept and they can speed up many discussion (including the HR Project Charter approval discussion).

The HR Benchmarks give the guidance for setting the stretched and realistic goals to HR employees. The employees can see, the goal is achievable, but it is still extremely challenging. Human Resources Management with HR Benchmarks becomes extremely challenging, but it is till fun.