Modern HRIS Benefits

The modern HRIS brings huge benefits to Human Resources and the entire organization. The modern IT solution for HR is not cheap, but the realized cost savings over a longer time are enormous. The HR processes and automated and they require no manual entry from HR employees. The HR employees can focus on the value added HR processes and the HR administration can be outsourced to the external provider. Additionally, the modern HRIS brings benefits in the area of the data security and the data standardization, which are essential for the modern organizations in the competitive markets.

The HRIS solution does not provide benefits just to Human Resources. The IT department and Finance department receive huge benefits as well. The modern HRIS solution brings the modern and automated interfaces and the solution can be connected to other systems in the organization almost at no additional implementation costs.

The main benefits of the modern HRIS solutions are:

  • Data Consolidation
  • Data Protection
  • Standardized HR Processes
  • Self Service Portal
  • HR Administration Reduction

The data consolidation is a huge benefit for the whole organization. Most HR functions use the system for the personnel administration and payroll processing. Additionally, they keep many sensitive and confidential data in different Microsoft Excel sheets. The sheets are password protected, but it is a task for few seconds to crack the Excel password. The data consolidation is about keeping the data in one system in a consistent way. The HR specialists can connect data about the remuneration with the data about the performance of employees. HR can deliver huge value added in comparing different data sources.

The data protection is a key requirement in Human Resources. The data about employees are interesting and most employees do wish to know some details about their colleagues. HR has to protect the data of employees as the data leakage cannot occur. The data protection is important as the organization is fully compliant with the legal requirements and it is not in the reputation risk. Many organizations are mentioned in the media, because they were not able to handle data about employees properly. The modern HRIS defines strict access rights for groups of employees and everyone can access just the data, which are required for job duties. Additionally, the HRIS solutions allows to define job profiles in the system and it can provide the access right rules and definitions to the IT department directly. The automated assignment of the access right to systems can be defined and maintained. The access right can be cancelled, if the employee changes the job position automatically.

The standardized HR processes are required by the modern HRIS. The processes are defined and maintained in the system. The system does not allow exceptions and managers have to follow the described HR Processes. This brings transparency to Human Resources.  Managers want HR to be transparent. The pre-defined HR processes make processing of requests smooth and quick. HR can set SLAs for different requests and the HRIS solution can measure the cycle times. This makes the work of HR predictable.

The HRIS self service portal decreases the HR administration significantly. Employees can download their information and they can update it. Managers can download instant HR reports. HR Managers can access information during their discussions with managers. The self service eliminates delays in the work of Human Resources. The HR Managers are not asked to produce reports. Managers have to prepare their reports and they can discuss results with HR Managers. It makes the work of HR efficient. The self service eliminates the potential for error as HR does not enter information to the system. HR just confirms the data entry done by employees and managers.

The modern HRIS solution reduces the administration in Human Resources. HR does not entry all information to the system. Most information is entered and maintained by employees and managers. HR provides just the tool. The HRIS monitors the necessity for the update and sends reminders to employees and managers with the request for an update.