Long-term HR Balanced Scorecard

The HR Balanced Scorecard cannot be used as the yearly program. The balanced scorecard is directly linked with the business or HR Strategy and the final vision cannot be reached within one year. The balanced scorecard is a tool, which acts as a guide for setting the yearly performance KPIs to managers and employees.

The balanced scorecard is linked with the business strategy and it uses the main goals defined in the strategy and turns them into the concrete actions in separate years and the balanced scorecard defines the target values for each year.

The balanced scorecard cannot exist with the business strategy as there is a missing high-level link for the individual years. When the organization wants to introduce the balanced scorecard to manage the balanced development of the organization, it has to start with formulating the business strategy.

HR Balanced Scorecard

The same story applies to Human Resources, when it wants to implement its own HR Balanced Scorecard. It has to formulate the vision of HR, it has to work on the HR Strategy (may be used HR SWOT Analysis) and after the design and development of the HR Strategy, it can continue with the HR Balanced Scorecard.

The development of the HR Balanced Scorecard without the business and HR Strategy leads to chaos as the employees and managers see the priorities differently and the balanced scorecard includes chaotic measures and chaotic goals. The implementation of a such balanced scorecard cannot be successful as the internal clients do not see a compact picture, but they see a mess in Human Resources.