How HR supports Balanced Scorecard

Human Resources is not just a department to contribute to the development of the balanced scorecard, but Human Resources can support the process of the development of the balanced scorecard.

HR has to support the general knowledge about the balanced scorecard in the organization. The balanced scorecard is not just about the top management, it is cascaded through all the managerial levels and the employees can be the contributors as well. Human Resources should be the part of the communication stream and it should offer a short training to employees about the balanced scorecard and the process of development.

The development of the first balanced scorecard can take a long time and HR can save a lot of time and many mistakes, when the training for the participant is prepared and executed, as some basic rules have to be respected. The people have to co-operate, they have to inspire each other and they have to be able to generalize each sentence.

Additionally, the finished balanced scorecard generates a huge workload for many employees and managers in the organization. The managers have to manage the daily operation of the organization and they have to contribute to many project teams, which are set up.

The employees are in the same situation. Some employees can be put fully to the projects, but most of them are in the project effort just partially and they should be rewarded for such an extra effort.

Human Resources should always consider the project incentives, when the new balanced scorecard is introduced as the paid effort is usually better and when the organization demonstrates its willingness to pay for the implementation of the balanced scorecard, it demonstrates, the balanced scorecard is really important.