HR Scorecard

The HR Dashboards are one of the best-performing HR communication and promotion tools. They tell the basic facts about the productivity of Human Resources. All employees and managers want to know key measures about the performance of the business; they want to see clearly how Human Resources contributes to overall results. All walls in Human Resources needs to be covered by different dashboards indicating successes, gaps and opportunities to improve. HR Big Data can make HR Dashboards even more attractive than we know them today.

A great HR Dashboard tells a story of Human Resources, but it is not alive. However, it is not truly an engaging tool. It requires many comments from HR employees. They must point key measures and how Human Resources improved them over the period. An excellent and widely recognised HR Department celebrates its successes; it does hide any serious gaps and issues. It makes everything visible on walls and puts good and issue spotting comments next to charts and graphs.

Most HR Dashboards are updated just after the month is closed. On the other hand, employees want to see the story about the performance and productivity daily. They are interested in seeing their effort pays every day. It is an excellent opportunity for HR Big Data to tell engaging HR stories.

HR Dashboards and HR Big Data

Our information society produces many data every day. Even a simple business generates data that can lead to a significant improvement of operations. The modern organisation collects data and turns them into useful pieces of information; the leadership team makes decisions using received data. However, the company cannot afford to employ as many analysts as required; it has to apply the big data analytics solution. The automated HR Big Data solutions are the key HR tools of the future.

Smart HR Dashboards support the competitiveness of employees. They can support innovations because employees have to find new smart ways how to improve results. They want to win; they do not wish to be seen as losers. The motivation of employees is difficult but they can self-motivate themselves just by seeing their results online. Top performers will always find ways how to compete against others.

HR Big Data solutions offer new exciting opportunities how to display HR dashboards. They can be individualised; they can become a part of the Intranet homepage. Each employee can see an updated ranking against others in the organisation. No one wants to be regarded a loser; employees improve his or her performance to be at least in the middle of the peloton. The business enjoys a significant increase in the productivity.

HR Dashboards are a great tool to manage and improve the relationship with internal clients. Most internal customers have just information from direct subordinates; they do not have any data supporting their arguments. The HR Manager can demonstrate real results and trends. It can calm the relationship, and improve the satisfaction with provided HR services.

Human Resources should forget about its visibility in the organisation. It has to ask the IT Department to deliver online HR Dashboards. The initial costs are not huge, and it is a universal adoption of HR Big Data solutions.