This is a fresh start. Again.

I was never good with my new year resolutions. I usually fail, because I am not a patient person. I am getting bored easily and quickly. Sure, I know that I need to wait for results to come. Even Rome was not built in a day. I know that I ruined my success with websites I was developing. I left them before they can become my personal success story. I abandoned them before they could take off and fly.

I am not patient enough to write great content for months without seeing its impact. I want to look at how thousands of visitors land on the website just the second day after new material is up. I want to see huge traffic numbers in Google Analytics almost immediately.

Ironically, my websites usually started to fly when I already lost my interest. And, I was not able to gain it again. I tried, but I was unable to get my operating rhythm back.

So, it is the time to change. I will have just one online project to focus on. I will invest my time just into making HRM Handbook a great website by the end of 2019, at least partially. I will use the technique I have never used before.

I will not focus on complex SEO practices and procedures, I will focus just on the content, and I will let keyword research navigate me to the most promising areas.

New Keywords: December 2018
New Keywords: December 2018

It is like writing the book. You usually do not write more than a page in a day. It is about the research and organizing the stuff. That I know perfectly. At my job, I am a great organizer. I keep my team busy and doing the stuff that helps the business most.

I have decided that I will change my approach in 2019. I will just copy all the stuff from my previous websites I can find. I will organize it later. With those sites, I was able to reach several thousands of visitors every day. The webs were awful, but they delivered. Moreover, I have collected quite a lot of traffic data. I will use it as my secret weapon this year.

The goal stays the same

I still believe that there are three kinds of target groups in Human Resources:

  • complete novices who want to know the basic stuff;
  • specialists who need to confirm their approaches to solving issues;
  • experts who provide their lifelong experiences with the rest.

The issue is that experts usually focus genuinely on the stuff most people will never use. They cover topics like advanced talent management or highly specialized social media recruitment. They do not write about the essentials of the industry. They expect us to understand the real basics of Human Resources Management. That is the market niche which is my target.

Keyword Positions: December 2018
Keyword Positions: December 2018

So far, this website was almost empty. I refused to start writing the same content again. On the other hand, I was never great in keeping my files in order. However, I can copy what I have, and I can put it online. I will wait till keywords start to show up and then I can start rewriting it.

I will take the low hanging fruits first. Some topics are less complicated than others. I will use it to my benefit. As you can see, there are not many new keywords identified so far. However, I expect this will change in the coming months.

A balance between the content and traffic

The content is the king. All SEO and content writing experts promote the material as the most critical success ingredients. I will follow the advice, and I will focus on rewriting the content this year. I cannot accept not seeing any traffic coming to the website. It is the only sign that I am on the way.

I will focus on the content that provides a wide range of keywords with low competition. Quite surprisingly, most HR content comes from experts who do not cover the basics of Human Resources Management. Do you know how many people want to understand how Human Resources Department should be structured? Quite a lot every day. That is the example where I will be pointing this year.

Active Keywords: December 2018
Active Keywords: December 2018

I will choose the right keywords that appear in my search results. I will elaborate on them, and I will try to move them into clickable positions. I will try to finish the year with more than 100 different keywords at the first position in search results. Sure, they will not be the ones with high competition. However, I will have them.

A great year

I believe this will be an excellent year for everyone. I want to enjoy designing my website. And I will run it without any ads till it does not reach at least 800 visitors per day. So, enjoy January, and we will see the first results at the beginning of February.

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