HR Challenge: Employee Engagement

The competitiveness of the business needs to be sustainable. Employee engagement determines the sustainability. Just the business with the engaged workforce has a competitive advantage. A great leader has the primary focus on employee engagement and empowerment. These two items are on the strategic agenda. The leader knows that no technology makes a competitive difference. … Read more

HR Challenge: Employee Productivity

The constant pressure to increase the employee productivity becomes a modern business norm. It is a catch and run game in most organizations. The leadership team introduces new policies and procedures. Employees find a way how to cheat them. No performance increase noticed by anyone; just new behavioral rules of the game are in place. … Read more

HR Challenge: Change Management

The competition increases in all business areas. Everything around us changes right in the front of our eyes. Luckily, Human Resources represents the force supporting the competitive advantage and striking changes. Just the people in the organization deliver major shifts and transformations. No computer can put in place a solution; just a man can do … Read more

HR Challenge: Aging Workforce

The aging workforce is a hot topic for all businesses, and it represents a major HR challenge coming shortly. Most countries still do not feel the pressure (Japan and Italy are the exceptions at the moment), but the shortage of young talents will be a significant risk for most developed countries. There will be no … Read more

HR Challenge: Technology

Human Resources is the business function that can benefit from the current technology revolution. We can lose our dependence on a piece of paper. We can move our procedures and practices into a modern cloud solution. We can leave old monolithic HRIS solutions, and we can implement a smart set of online HR tools. New … Read more

HR Challenge: Globalization

Globalization is usually defined as an international integration arising from the interchange of products, semi-products, ideas, and views. It used the benefits of lowered legislation and trade barriers introduced in the 70s of the 20th century. A decrease of protective policies in countries was the required condition. It was powering the economic growth during last … Read more

HR Challenge: Sustainability

Sustainability is defined as the ability to meet the needs without sacrificing the ability of future generations to meet their needs. We usually see many examples of the unsustainable business practices. Many organizations have stopped their innovations, and they sell the same products for years. These firms are in a decline phase of the life … Read more

Current HR Challenges

The world offers less security than it provided in the past. The concept of a defined job is over. We have to accept rapid and radical changes in our lives. A few years ago we enjoyed one business transformation at once. Nowadays, we have such frequent changes that we stopped giving names to strategic projects. … Read more