HR Management Best Reads 05/2019

After a long time, my weekly selection of the best and recent HR Management articles is back. Sure, I have broken many of my promises to write at least two articles or pages per week. On the other hand, it is time to bounce back. Here I am with the first short selection of HR articles I enjoyed.

The first one is about working from home. It is so attractive to work from home. Drinking your best coffee and being relaxed. However, it would help if you had some rules not to break your work-life balance.

The second article is about my favorite compensation topic – sales incentive schemes. We tend to believe in their magic power. In reality, they do not have any ability to change the organization. They do not cure an ill organization. They just navigate and help gain focus.

You Can Work From Anywhere – But That Doesn’t Mean You Should

A modern business cannot attract top talents without excellent policy solving flexible working arrangements and work-life balance. Nowadays, most employees expect their employer will offer a wide range of different work-life balance tools. As an example, working from home becomes a standard. Most talents will not consider it as a benefit or optional. They will just assume they are allowed to work from home. For them, it is granted.

However, we often underestimate the risks of commute working. We underestimate the importance of real human interactions in the workplace. Most great ideas are coming from kitchens and cafeterias; not from meeting rooms and conference calls.

There is also another danger – you blur the precise border between your work and your family. If you work from home, you require strict rules about when and how to work.

When you can work from home, set your hygiene rules and boundaries first, do not let your family suffer. Be always clear about your priorities. Make your children a priority number one, and do not compromise.

Read some basic rules here.

What Incentives Can Do, What Incentives Cannot Do

Leaders and managers tend to believe that a perfect sales incentive scheme is key to success. However, they forget that the plan cannot fix the organization. It is a tool to stimulate and navigate employees. It has no power to make a product better.

When you observe a weak performance in general, no incentive scheme will improve it. You have to focus on your product and employees first. Maybe, the product is not competitive, or your employees are not capable of selling the product to customers. Do not blame your scheme.

Your scheme can help employees focus their effort. It indicates them the way how to optimize and maximize their income. However, it does not manage your employees; you still need your managers being present. They have to provide employees with valuable feedback.

Read more about incentive schemes.

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