A selection of Must-Read HR Management Articles 04/2019

Wow, another week is over. Here is another collection of the best HR articles I have found during the last seven days. It is my fourth article. It means that the next one will be a little anniversary. Also, it will be published in February (I kept my new year resolution to last).

This time, the key topics are:

  • Show Passion;
  • Talent Acquisition;
  • Social Media.

Happy Reading!

These 4 Words in Your Next Interview Will Help You Land the Job

Are you looking for a new job? Do you know what you should say that the recruiter stops looking for other candidates?

You should say just 4 words:

“I love my work.”

Yeah, you should not talk that you are interested in advancing your career. You should not talk about a new opportunity and a new challenge. You should just say that you really love your job.

When candidates articulate that they love the work they do, it signals that they’re motivated intrinsically, by an inner drive to contribute and create.

It indicates that you are not motivated by the compensation package or any other perks you receive. You are internally driven by meaning. It tends to last.

5 Points the Boardroom Wants to See from the Talent Acquisition Function

Human Resources has its seat in the board room. However, it still needs to find ways how to promote most appealing HR topics, so they also become hot topics of the leadership team. They do not want Human Resources to become a hot topic they need to solve urgently. They look for the assurance that HR Managers keep everything under control.

When talking about Talent Acquisition (or recruitment and staffing in general), the leadership team looks for assurance in the following areas:

  • Governance;
  • Management Information;
  • ROI;
  • Process Excellence;
  • Forecasting.

Human Resources usually forgets to implement a strict Governance Policy. It merely says, who can make a decision and how the decision should be documented. It also splits Roles and Responsibilities across different people in an organization. When speaking about hiring new employees, we usually talk about a lot of money spent. A great Governance Framework helps.

Most HR Managers are not great in managing processes. We do not like to design them because we deal with people. They do not follow process maps, they just come with issues, challenges, and great proposals. They do not read the process before they apply. They only come. However, high volume hiring must be well organized. You have to keep track of all job openings, identify issues and manage everyone involved in the procedure. Process Excellence is a must, and make sure that the leadership team knows about it.

Forecasting is a critical success factor. Nobody is interested in the past. Everyone wants to understand what will happen in the following quarter. Should they worry about it? Or should they be calm because nothing challenging will happen?

Why Social Media Has Failed Recruiting

Social Media Hype is over; they look more like fallen stars at the moment. The biggest platforms enjoyed several data privacy scandals, and they have consistent issues with violence and fake news promotion. They had the terrible year 2018.

In 2019, those platforms will sharply focus on data protection and stopping fake and the hate news. Facebook and Twitter need to make sure that they protect customers and their privacy. They will have to fight the trust of customers back (if possible). Maybe, they will not regain the confidence of the audience again, and they will disappear like MySpace and many others.

You find more about the latest development here and here. By the way, it also raises a considerable data privacy challenge for Human Resources. Employees start to ask how we take care of their personal data. Who has access to data? Who makes sure that data are secure and accessible just to those ones granted?

However, what is the status of social media recruiting?

There was always a small issue – they are not a hiring tool, and they have never intended to be a one. Social Media platforms are about the brand. The stronger the brand you have, the more you are loved and followed. It is a simple law of social media. This simple law is valid also for social media hiring; no flood of CV happens if nobody follows you.

Together with social media, Employer Brand was re-born. Again, the stronger the voice on the job market, the more job resumes the business receives. Facebook and Twitter are not tools for hiring new employees; they just amplify sound and bold messages.

Rethinking social recruiting begins with rethinking the basics. It is about building a strong employer brand and high social awareness. It means that you design and implement a solid content strategy. You define a clear vision what topics the business will cover. You just execute the plan, and people will start following you. If you are lucky, they will share your posts with friends to amplify your impact. When changing the job, people will actively look for openings at businesses they know.

This is how social hiring works today. You build a strong presence in online media, and candidates look for you.

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