HR Social Media Marketing

The social media marketing is a pretty new way of communicating compelling news, products, services, job vacancies, product rumors and other stuff necessary for the corporate life. HR can easily design its HR Social Media Marketing. The social marketing is an excellent tool for the graduate recruitment and recruitment campaigns. The graduates tend to search for communities actively, and it does not ask for an enormous social media budget to involve many graduates.

The social media marketing works best for the massive campaigns, when many people have to be involved and influenced. The social media marketing is similar to the viral marketing when people re-send funny videos and jokes. The people love to laugh… the social media marketing should be always about fascinating topics and fun.

Human Resources has many topics for the social media marketing. The marketing can be internal and external. HR always focuses on the external communication or the internal one. It does not prepare the communication mix suitable for both populations. However, many topics can be attractive for employees and the external population, as well. The graduate recruitment is an excellent example. Employees can recommend their friends. The graduates are always interested in the graduate recruitment.

The HR Social Media Marketing is about the two-way communication. The members of the social group feel involved in the communication. They ask questions; they have to receive answers, and they discuss. The social media marketing is about steering the communication; it is not about placing the marketing communication. The online group has to be steered as it goes the rightly desired way.

The HR Social Media Strategy should define several target groups for the social media communication. The specific social media marketing plan should be designed for the large online communities. The graduates have the same issue. They look for the right starting job position and the organization can offer its help.

Designing HR Social Media Marketing

The social media marketing is still developing. There is no a common best practice. The creative solutions are always winning. On the other hand, HR is a standardized business function, and the audience does not expect any crazy solutions and proposals. The pretty standardized approaches should work quite finely.

The HR Social Media Marketing should be about the smart mix of:

  • Twitter
  • Blog
  • Facebook

Twitter is the rising star. The instant messages that everyone can read on the way to work. Twittering is on a rise, and it can bring many people to see the details. Twitter is a standard component in the social media strategy. HR should always design an outstanding web page, and it should twitter the link to it. People tend to re-tweet the interesting information and the webpage can become popular within days.

The blog is a standard social media marketing tool. The best days of blogging are over, but many people and organizations continue to write engaging articles about different topics. The special blog for graduates can raise an enormous attention, and thousand of visitors daily can be reached quickly. The company can use it as a basis for building the online community. It can choose the best graduates from visitors.

Facebook Page is a powerful tool for the instant interaction and discussions. The modern social media marketing believes in the power of Facebook, but it is still a discussion forum. The organization cannot expect much from being present on Facebook, but new ways of monetization and conversion can evolve quickly.