Internal Communication Tools

HR Marketing has one big advantage. It can use the channels of the internal communication and it is not limited just to the internal communication, it can work as a public relation moreover as a promotion agency on the external market.

The HR Marketing has to be focused more internally as the real success of the HRM Function is measured internally and the external success is taken a nice extra in the final evaluation. HR Marketing has many communication tools to use, but the most important internal ones are:

  • Workshops
  • HR Reports
  • Meetings
  • Black Boards
  • Presentations
  • Emails

The HRM Function is about emails. HR Marketing should avoid using the emails whenever it is possible to do so. The HR Marketing should use managerial and employee workshops to announce the most important messages from Human Resources. The HR Marketing is not making an announcement of long reports, the HR Marketing reports one big number and provides the “right” explanation to it.

The HR Reports are a great communication channel. The HRM Function tends to present reports as just facts and figures. The HR Marketing way is to make one more sheet with highlights and sell the results achieved. It works excellent.

The worst communication channel to use is the email. The email is quick, but no one reads the messages sent. The people tend to avoid email as much as possible. The real HR Marketing uses the email as a supplementary tool for its activities, but it is not the main channel to be used.