HR Reports as HRM Marketing tool

The HR Reports can have a strategic impact on the organization. But, they have to act as the HR Marketing tool to sell the services and results of the HRM Function. The HR Reports provide the organization with the numbers and trends around its main capital – the human capital of the organization.

The HR Reports can be divided into 3 separate groups:

  • Ad hoc reports
  • Regular reports
  • Strategic Reports

The ad hoc and regular reports are the HRM reports, which are usually getting digitalized as they are standardized and made several times a month usually. Their value added for the organization is not huge; they just show the current status of the organization.

The strategic HR Reports are more important as a tool for the HRM Marketing. The strategic HR Reports are not that common, but they provide the organization with in-depth information about several topic. They are not issued that often and the topic changes in each of the reports. Sometimes, the CEO can ask for making the refresh of the particular HRM Strategic Report.

The Strategic HRM Report is the best place to show the real results of the HRM Function in the HR Processes with the value added. The HRM Reporting Specialist has to collect all the data and make the first analysis of the data to show the drivers in the organization. The HR Reporting Specialist should cooperate with the specialized expert area in the HRM Function to identify the basic causes for the development in human capital.

When the basic data are gathered and identified, the common team of the HR Reporting Specialist, expert area member and the HRM Marketing guy should start the search for the number, which can be sold to the organization as the number to be promoted.

The HRM Marketing guy is usually able to find the most important number, which is better than the numbers at the competitors (compared with the external competition and reported in benchmark surveys). But, the HRM Marketing can also sell the positive development in some key measures from the last report and find the correct drivers for such a change. When there is no possibility to find a driver behind, then it is better not promote the number as employees will not understand the logics behind.

The role of the HRM Marketing is not to drive and manage the HR Reporting, but the results of the HR Reporting have to be used as the main source for the selling effort of the HRM Marketing to make employees believe in the uniqueness of the organization.