HR Marketing and Employer Brand

The brand name is very important for the HR Marketing. The strong brand name on the job market brings the attention, the attraction and the people tend to speak about the organization. When the organization is generally recognized on the job market, the people are not afraid to apply for the vacancies at the organization and the HRM Function becomes successful internally.

What is your competing job market?

The HR Marketing has to know the exact position of the organization on the job market. Without exact knowledge of the recruitment sources, talents on the market and possible vacancies. Without knowing that, the HR Marketing is not able to define the target group and the effort is not that visible and the campaign can be unsuccessful.

Know your competitors on the job market

The HRM Function is responsible for the constant monitoring of the job market. The HR Recruiters have to make a proper reporting of the candidate sources and they have to asks clever questions during the interviews to find out potential improvements.
The HR Marketing has to know how to read the reports and has to be able to look for potential niche at the job market to build an attractive image for the candidates and people working in the area of requested expertise.

The HRM Function has to cooperate with the line management to identify the best approaches to market the organization and the managers can work as one of the best channels to announce the power of the organization. The employees of the organization are the best media to sell the idea of the best next employer.

Learn from the best practice – locally

The HR Marketing and the HRM Function does not have to aim the goal blindly. The HR Marketing should observe the market and when provided with the general approach, it should be able to make a proper external analysis and to prepare the required SWOT Analysis to start to position the organization on the job market.