HR Marketing Basic Principles

The HR Marketing needs several basic principles to be followed by the HRM Function. The function of the HR Marketing needs:

  • Consistency
  • Simplicity
  • Attractiveness
  • Segmentation

HR Marketing Consistency

The consistency in the HR Marketing is very similar to the promotion of the organization on the general market. The HRM Function must be consistent in the messages sent to the external and internal world. The customers need to hear the same things all the time and the anchors have to stay the same.

No one will trust to the HRM Function, which changes its priorities quickly and the explanation is not sent to the audience. In case of the change of the priorities, the changes have to be always explained and the expectations of the customers can be raised. There is one rule. Do not communicate, when I am not sure what to communicate.

The consistency of the HR Marketing is also about its connection to the other HR Processes, HR Strategy and corporate culture. This makes the job of the HR Marketing staff more difficult, but the customers will take the message more quickly.

Simplicity in HR Marketing

The messages sent by the HR Marketing and HRM Function has to be simple. The customer does not have time enough to go through long documents. The customer looks for the basic principles and the details are not attractive enough to understand to them. There is the HRM Function to help in case of troubles and the HR Marketing has to communicate this way.

The simplification is not about hiding issues from the managers and employees as they will discover potential issues quickly. It is about communication the basic and most important principles and to explain potential benefits from the solution. And the issues have to be communicated as well.

HR Marketing Attractiveness

The attractiveness of the HR Marketing is the main role of the HR Marketing staff. They have to find the interesting points, procedures and policies to communicate. The normal processing stuff is not a message to promote as everyone expects the main procedures and policies work smoothly. There is no interest to hear about the number of salaries processed every month. On the other hand the result of the Performance Appraisals on the high level are a message very attractive to the management of the organization.

HR Marketing Segmentation

The attractiveness is not just about popular messages. It is also about a cute and attractive way of the communication to the target groups. The HR Marketing has to recognize several target groups of the communication and promotion. Generally, the three main target groups for the HR Marketing are:

  • Top Management
  • Management
  • Employees
  • Candidates

Each of the target groups have a different communication needs and they have to be met by the HR Marketing. Also, the segmentation of the target groups help to filter confidential and sensitive information, which have to be distributed just to the very limited group of employees in the organization.

The segmentation of the audience is the task for the HR Management and the HR Marketing has to strictly follow the defined target groups and to monitor potential changes and needs by different groups. The HR Marketing has to send the information about the need to extend the information access by one target group, when there is a need to do so. By the final decision has to be taken by the HRM Function and HR Management.

The HR Marketing is an evolving part of the HR Processes, but the importance and have an impact on to the results of the HRM Function is really high and the HRM Function should invest its employees to the promotion of the results, procedures and policies.