HR Marketing and Communication

Each organization uses its own brand name to position itself on the market, but the HRM Function is also needed to promote its own services in the organization internally and externally to the job market.

The HRM Function without HR Marketing is not visible on the market and the customers will get unsatisfied as they lack the information about the latest development in the area of Human Resources.

The HR Marketing needs a different skill sets from the HR Employees. The current HR Employees are more focused on the results and objectives delivery, but they completely forget about the promotion of the results.

The HR Marketing employees are able to find out the important points to announce to the organization and they help to build a better picture and deeper knowledge about the HRM Function, its services and procedures in the organization.

In case, the organization aims to be the employer of choice, the HR Marketing is the essential part of the success mix. The success is not measured just by the results achieved. The success of the HRM Function is the mix of the results and the visibility. There are organizations on the market, where the visibility is even more important than the “real” results. In multinational organizations like General Electric, the visibility is about 80% of the whole result.

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