HR Challenge: Technology

Human Resources is the business function that can benefit from the current technology revolution. We can lose our dependence on a piece of paper. We can move our procedures and practices into a modern cloud solution. We can leave old monolithic HRIS solutions, and we can implement a smart set of online HR tools. New emerging HR technologies can become a significant productivity improvement, but they also represent a severe risk to the business. As we will progress with the implementation of new HR tools, we will have to overcome many technology challenges on the way.

We cannot imagine our lives without tablets, smartphones, notebooks and other useful gadgets. The modern HR Management cannot exist without the support of modern HR technology solutions. However, speaking about the innovative HRIS you do not have to think of Oracle HR, PeopleSoft or SAP anymore. The technology revolution made our world of opportunities to choose from richer, cheaper and more difficult. New integrated HR solutions have a bright future.

Our leaders can enjoy a new way of working with Human Resources. They can ask a question, and they can receive a swift answer. They can fully utilize the potential of the modern HR Analytics solutions. They can solve problems, and they can collect useful data set looking at the same issue from different angles. On the other hand, it creates the challenge for Human Resources. It has to develop the analytics competency, which was always missing in the HR Organization.

The new and modern HR Reporting is a challenge. No one cares about the traditional turnover reports anymore. The leaders want to understand the trends in the business. They want to figure out what are the opportunities and threats to the organization. Human Resources has to employ the predictive analytics to ensure that it brings relevant information before it becomes the hot issue. HR Managers have to change the definitions of HR Metrics, and it needs to be reflected in HR Performance Scorecards.

The new HR technology will change the way how leaders see the HR productivity. They want Human Resources to become a partner with a vision. The imagination of trends will become the essential component of the HR Performance Metrics (just think twice about new HR KPIs). The leaders fight with many uncertainties and they need a firm assurance from Human Resources that the organization manages employees efficiently and sustainably.

Human Resources can lose its dependency on in-house IT and software solutions. It can move data about the workforce to the cloud and globalize it. It is the opportunity and a challenge. On the other hand, it is also a risk. The data privacy will become an integral part of the strategic HR agenda. Today, we do not care about the privacy much. It is a job of IT. Tomorrow, it will be the job of IT and Human Resources. We need to gain new skills to become valuable partners in this important fight.

The HR technology will also impact the business process management. The predictive HR analytics will allow smoother and more focused strategic planning. Most HR innovations will be based on trends and data we are going to start measuring. However, this will significantly increase the importance of the analytics competency in Human Resources. This will be a challenge because we have no previous experience with the detailed data management in HR. However, this will be a real beginning of the story of the HR business intelligence.

There is another revolutionary change in a way how we communicate and collaborate with each other. It is not the change as the invention of the steam engine, but it changes the way how we work and communicate with others in the organization. Being online and having all data with us is a significant change. It is also a challenge for Human Resources because it has to implement new technologies, teach managers and employees to use the benefits of technologies. It has also upgrade HR skills and competencies.

Human Resources has to define clear rules how to work with social media in the organization. It also has to prepare the core guidelines for employees which should be followed. The leakage of sensitive data can happen quickly, and the damage to the business can be significant. This is a new area for Human Resources, and it requires close collaboration with the IT security department.

The immediate access to data brings an enormous challenge with data privacy and data security. Human Resources has to make sure that access rights to personal data are strictly managed, and no one in the organization does not have the access to data that are not needed for the job. Social media represent the opportunity for HR, but they pose a risk as well.