HR Challenge: Employee Engagement

The competitiveness of the business needs to be sustainable. Employee engagement determines the sustainability. Just the business with the engaged workforce has a competitive advantage. A great leader has the primary focus on employee engagement and empowerment. These two items are on the strategic agenda. The leader knows that no technology makes a competitive difference. She knows that the business cannot miss engaged and empowered employees. Employee Engagement is the strategic answer. You can buy brains, but you cannot buy hearts of employees. You have to win them one by one. This is the most difficult HR Challenge. It is a real HR Management imperative.

A modern Human Resources Management has a clear focus on employee engagement. It provides tools for managers and leaders to empower the workforce. A full commitment of the leadership team always help. The leaders need to spread positive vibrations across the organization. Moreover, empowered employees are the simplest way to increase the performance and productivity.

A high-performance organization needs to take care of its employees. It has to measure the climate in the business. It has to ask often how it can improve the workplace. It has to prove that employees are the primary interest of the leadership team. However, most businesses do not have a healthy internal climate. They do not receive high employee engagement scores. Human Resources lives in the challenging environment, and the HR Manager faces many issues. The changing world does not support the empowerment and accountability of the workforce.

The innovative organization always employ engaged employees. It finds creative ways how to improve the engagement of the stuff. It motivates them to bring bright business ideas. It enables the productivity increases because it gives managed freedom to human beings. Such an organization has just a challenge how to keep the positive momentum. It understands the secret how to build the efficient team.

In comparison, other organizations usually lack the engagement, and they lose the market share. They do not bring strategic answers to clients´ needs. They do not innovate; they just pay for brains. They do not attract hearts of employees.

The most serious employee engagement issue is the lack of the competitive strategy. Many organizations have no clear vision about its market niche. They just react to innovations brought by others. As the market is turbulent, the answers become chaotic. The firm does not send any positive signals to employees. It becomes a true follower.

The organization loses the potential, and employees do not see the future in the business. They lose the trust. They do not follow the leader. They do not criticize, they just leave. They want to find a better job with a bright prospect. They want a job where they will be valued.

These organizations usually end as victims of mergers and acquisitions. They have the valuable know-how, but they lack the power to win the market again. They miss engaged employees.

The second most severe engagement issue is the over-satisfaction. The successful organization usually stops monitoring competitors. They just wait for mistakes of the leadership team. Employees are more sensitive to moves taken by the market leader.

These businesses usually lose the proactivity. Leaders and managers do not take significant risks. They prefer leaving things as they are. Leaders believe no other company can beat their services and products.

Employees are more sensitive than leaders to market shifts. They see the danger, and they want to react. In case the leadership team does not respond, the workforce becomes disengaged. It is a challenging situation for Human Resources.

The innovative modern business cannot risk the decrease of employee engagement. It has to task Human Resources to send early warnings. The employee engagement survey is not the only tool to measure the climate in the business. The HR Manager has to go back to basics. She needs to talk with employees and confirm their doubts and worries with the line management.

Employees and empowerment need to become a topic during strategic thinking sessions. Leaders have to invite the stuff to discuss relevant topics. They have to listen, and they have to provide answers. The company has to demonstrate that it cares.

The HR leader has to push the learning agenda in the company. Human Resources has to adopt a strong Learning Strategy. It has to make the organization sensible to changes. HR has to teach leaders to keep their ability to decide.

Human Resources can run many initiatives that can improve employee engagement. However, keeping the organization agile pays more. This is the way how to deal with this HR challenge.