Guest Post

Occasionally, we accept guest blog posts about Human Resources. We never guarantee that the article will be published, but you never know. Each beginning is difficult, and releasing a guest post is always a good start of the creative writing career. However, you should also have previous experience with Human Resources Management.

There is a simple form to fill:

  • Your Name and Surname;
  • Email;
  • Your Website (if any);
  • Key Topic (also a category to be posted to);
  • Your motivation why should we post the article;
  • Very brief summary (up to 200 words);
  • Article;
  • Images.

We usually come back in a couple of weeks.

You love to write about Human Resources

In such a case, just write your first article and send it to be published. You should focus on challenging HR Management topics in the following areas:

  • Organization Design;
  • Recruitment and Staffing;
  • Compensation and Benefits;
  • Strategic HR Management;
  • Talent Development;
  • Succession Planning;
  • Employer Brand and Employer Value Proposition;
  • Training and Development;
  • Global HR Management;
  • HR Analytics;
  • HR Outsourcing.

In case your article does not fit any of these categories, do not worry. Maybe you will be the first one to start a new category on the site.

Rules you should follow

However, it is not as free as a free beer. You need to stick to several rules if you want your blog post to be out to the world:

  1. The article has a clear link to Human Resources Management, and the topic should be one of the HR hot topics;
  2. The post has an informative value to our visitors; it is not just a plain advertisement and a collection of various links;
  3. The article is at least 800 words long, and it has not been posted previously anywhere else;
  4. The article contains no more than one link to your website or other content you want to promote; it can carry several other links to sites offering additional information on a topic;
  5. No fake news, please;
  6. Write with a smile on your face.

The form