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How to calculate Turnover? What does Employee Retention mean? What is the true meaning of HR Management? Did you hear any new abbreviation and you do not understand what it exactly means? KPIs? EVP? Employer Brand? Diversity? Inclusion? Try to find it in HRM Dictionary. It is a slowly growing section with the most common HR Management terms, not just describing their definition, but how they are used.

Generally speaking, Human Resources Management is not a rocket science. You will not be asked to construct a nuclear reactor, and you can learn the basics of people management pretty quickly. However, the function develops, and you will always hear new terms and abbreviations. It is fine to have a dictionary of Human Resources Management Terms and Abbreviations.

HR Dictionary and Glossary
HR Dictionary and Glossary

Growing slowly we add a term by term to ease the life of newcomers to Human Resources Management function. So, go on and read… you will always find links to pages covering the topic in a higher detail.

HR Management Glossary