Benefits of Using Social Media in Human Resources

The modern organization with the smart, social media strategy can hugely benefit from usage of the social media. The social media can increase the speed of the recruitment, can help to reduce the costs of hiring talents and graduates and can increase the internal awareness. The social media can support the corporate culture and open communication.

The social media give a chance to employees as they can provide HR with the useful and positive feedback. The social media benefits include inclusiveness of the online community, instant and quick feedback on different HR issues, finding new talents on the job market and reducing the communication and marketing costs for Human Resources.

Social Media supporting Corporate Culture

The modern organization has the open corporate culture which supports feedback, honesty and high performance. The social media can support this kind of the corporate culture. HR has to adapt to the openness, and it has to keep just essential HR processes confidential.

The modern corporate culture supports innovations, honest approach to issues, courage to risk and quick feedback and fixes. The social media support this behavior. The social communities are not polite; the social communities are honest. They prefer direct and sharp communication.

HR should support the corporate culture development by being involved in online communities. The internal online communities are the best place to support the corporate culture. HR does not have to promote the corporate culture; it can point the fascinating moments from the life of the organization. HR cannot push topics; it can influence the discussion. People are smart and they can enjoy “official” HR statements, when the statements are smart, and they enrich the discussion.

Influencing the corporate culture is a tough task. The social media can be a enormous benefit for HR.

Social Media supporting Feedback

The social media support the immediate feedback on HR initiatives. When HR announces new initiative or a significant change in HR policies, it can read the immediate feedback in different social communities.

The feedback is highly useful HR tool. It can provide the necessary information for improvements in processes and procedures. People do not like to speak about issues in processes face-to-face, they can share their negative experiences in online communities. HR should keep the first wave of dissatisfaction and it should start the positive discussion. The discussion is not about promoting the corporate messages; the discussion is about communication of human beings about the topic of the common interest.

HR should listen to feedback carefully. The social media provide the immediate feedback, and it is a significant benefit.

Social Media supporting Talent Recruitment

The social media can support the talent recruitment. They can help to discover hidden sources of talents. The war for talents is tough, and HR has to discover new battlefields before they are fully occupied by competitors. The social media have many talent recruitment niches, which can be fully utilized by the organization.

The social media connect people with the similar interests. HR has to find niches full of talents. HR should attract talents to be interested in the company. HR has to lead discussions as it identifies angels in the community. By influencing angels, the fascinating talents can be discovered.

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