Evolution of Human Resources

HR Infographics / Evolution

Human Resources has not always been the bright and shining spot in the organization (also can happen today). In the past, it was the administrative unit, that was not contributing to any strategic decisions. It was fulfilling orders, and protecting the business against any employment law vulnerabilities.

Even today, many people in organizations do not like how their Human Resources...

How to build a high-performance corporate culture

Corporate Culture

The successful leader recognizes the importance of building a positive and high performance-driven corporate culture. They focus on values that support the successful delivery of the business. They understand that the behavioral and emotional background drives all decisions and processes in the organization, both formally and informally. It brings discipline without any need...

Find out the latest trends in Human Resources Jobs

Trends in General

David Ulrich changed the world of Human Resources. He was the first one to advertise the importance of the people management in the organization. David was provoking a transformation of the personnel management into real Human Resources Management. He introduced a new operational HR model. As he transitioned the role of Human Resources, he also created a modern structure of...