Pay for Performance in Human Resources. Is it a Great Idea?

Pay for Performance in Human Resources

The pay for performance philosophy and concept is a leading reward approach in the current remuneration. No organization advertises it is not focused on the workforce performance. However, just a few ones are really performance driven. Nobody will argue that McKinsey is really performance driven. On the other hand, most people would say they would … Read more

How to improve employee productivity quickly?

Employee Productivity or Performance

Being a strategic partner, Human Resources cannot ignore the employee efficiency issue. HR has a shared responsibility with other business leaders to increase the operational effectiveness of the organization. The competitiveness of the firm always depends strongly on the productivity of the workforce. The best organizations outperform competitors, and this competitive advantage allows them to … Read more

How can HR best practices impact our competitiveness?

HR Best Practices and Competitiveness

We are obsessed with HR best practices. We love challenging benchmarks, those great success stories and examples to be followed and the complex people management procedures of large corporations. However, we have to take in mind what our business needs. Is it something complicated that almost no one understands? Is it the best practice we … Read more

How to make the induction training effective and successful

New Hire Orientation

The efficient onboarding process always starts long before the employee joins the company. However, the most impactful is the first day of a new job. Sadly, we usually forget how important this day is. It is the moment when an exceptional level of employee engagement can be achieved at a marginal cost. Alternatively, enormous damage … Read more

How to build a high-performance corporate culture

Corporate Culture

The successful leader recognizes the importance of building a positive and high performance-driven corporate culture. They focus on values that support the successful delivery of the business. They understand that the behavioral and emotional background drives all decisions and processes in the organization, both formally and informally. It brings discipline without any need for written … Read more

Find out the latest trends in Human Resources Jobs

Trends in General

David Ulrich changed the world of Human Resources. He was the first one to advertise the importance of the people management in the organization. David was provoking a transformation of the personnel management into real Human Resources Management. He introduced a new operational HR model. As he transitioned the role of Human Resources, he also … Read more

How to have an awesome career in Human Resources Management

Happy in HR

Human Resources is one of the most trendy business functions, and having a job in the HR department offers many great career opportunities. In the past, the job was purely administrative, but it changed dramatically and the function has moved into a strategic role. Having a seat in the board room, the HR Managers have … Read more