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The blog is a place for short posts on current topics that are driving the world of human resource management. Sometimes it’s insights from practice, sometimes it’s provoked by politicians with some great idea to improve our lives. And sometimes it’s things that are completely off-topic, but I feel like I need to write something about them to get my own thoughts straight.

Some posts are deliberately a bit over the top to spark increased interest in straining the grey matter cortex. There is no need to read the blog at all, it can be boldly skipped.

October 31, 2021

What has Dave Ulrich given and taken away?

In one sentence, David Ulrich gave us modern people management in the company. In the next sentence, I would say he gave us the position of HR Business Partner. As an added bonus, he added six core HR competencies without which his model for managing the HR department doesn’t work very well. Unfortunately for us, most took only that position and ignored the rest.

October 21, 2021

Just be Authentic

There’s a little wickedness that we see it in corporations quite often. Someone talks so right it’s hard to believe. You never see the real personality, you only see the corporate correct image, which is so sterile that it’s virtually impossible to relate to it in any positive emotional way. Practically, you could say it’s more of a hologram than an authentic managerial personality. Unfortunately, this is more common in Human Resources than we would like. It lacks the emotion and grace, there’s just process-correct thinking. It’s generally great, it just does a poor job of building trust. How do you have an HR department that has a human face? What about it?

October 9, 2021

What does a great Human Resources department do differently?

Our people are our main competitive advantage. They’re also the most valuable asset we have. Give me a crown for every mention and I’m a millionaire in a few months. And yet, if we treated finance the same way we treat our employees, many companies wouldn’t see another day. So I don’t think the secret’s in that phrase. So what does a great HR department do differently to benefit the organization and help it achieve its shared goals?

October 8, 2021

Is the Development More than Money?

A modern Human Resources department doesn’t just make sure that people get paid correctly and on time for their work. It also makes sure the company stays competitive. It usually does this by making sure that employees develop so that know-how does not corrode. Often, this means that HR has to positively influence the company culture, as we may encounter various insidious obstacles along the way. In fact, the problem of development is usually not the employees, but the management, which is the best at throwing sticks under the feet of the entire organisation. Often, then, cash on hand is a much more valuable and frequent retention tool than some abstract employee development.

October 7, 2021

Mindfulness - Enjoy the day

Our modern civilization has mastered one great art. We know how to stress ourselves out. We are always rushing somewhere, sometimes thinking too much, and always struggling with inner tension and insecurity. And with less than two days to go before the election, some of us are even struggling to think about things where we don’t have control. We will not be sitting at the negotiating table then, and our contribution is about one five millionth of the solution to the whole mess. We have to throw ourselves into the calm, we have to enjoy what is modernly called mindfulness. It’s also called meditation, although in Christianity we have a similar word - contemplation.