Evolution of Human Resources

HR Infographics / Evolution

Human Resources has not always been the bright and shining spot in the organization (also can happen today). In the past, it was the administrative unit, that was not contributing to any strategic decisions. It was fulfilling orders, and protecting the business against any employment law vulnerabilities.

Even today, many people in organizations do not like how their Human Resources...

A selection of Must-Read HR Management Articles 03/2019

HR Management Articles

Hooray, this is the third edition of my choice of most appealing HR articles published last week. Sure, they are appealing to me, but they usually help me to realize that there are specific components I should think of at work.

As people are returning from their winter vacations, the number of published articles starts to grow steadily. It is great because I have so many pieces to choose...

Why I love the Pomodoro technique and you should too.

The Pomodoro Technique

A new website is always about compelling content. As SEO and content gurus say - the content is the king. However, there is a small snag. You always start with a blank piece of paper. You have a great idea, but you have to turn it into a huge and engaging story.

Translating ideas into stories is difficult. You can always choose to procrastinate because the Internet is full of fun. Well, that...

A selection of Must-Read HR Management Articles 02/2019

Best HR Management Reading

Another week is over, and it is time for another delivery of my favourite HR articles. I try to build my writing habit, and this is my second blog post with the best HR articles of the last week, that I read.

This time, the selection is a bit more diverse than the last one. However, turnover is back again. When talking with friends from other HR departments, I feel that it is a challenge all...

The Best Tools to Achieve my HR Project Goals

My Project Tools

Each project requires the right set of tools that will help you plan, design and develop a new website. You can go cheap, or you can buy or rent costly solutions. In my project management story, I have decided that I will go the cheap way. I will use the tools that I can get for free.

Well, as you can notice, I have a few exceptions in the collection of my project design and delivery tools...

This is a fresh start. Again.

My HR Management Project

I was never good with my new year resolutions. I usually fail, because I am not a patient person. I am getting bored easily and quickly. Sure, I know that I need to wait for results to come. Even Rome was not built in a day. I know that I ruined my success with websites I was developing. I left them before they can become my personal success story. I abandoned them before they could take off...